Your life is your legacy.

It’s not just about leaving an inheritance—prioritize your health, relationships, and experiences in the impact you make while you’re here.

Why Wolf Tree?

Why Wolf Tree?

Wolf trees are the white oaks that stand alone in the fields, having survived every fire, storm, and drought they encountered.

Historically, their presence helped people find their way across long distances, inspiring endurance and stability along the way. Our work will help you navigate over the years, building resilience as you go.

Truly complete financial management is different.

The Wolf Tree network includes our advisors, plus tax and legal professionals. We can really connect it all, empowering your decisions and giving you time back for more important things.


Comprehensive Planning

Most of our clients want to know one thing: Will everything be alright? We help you answer with a yes.



Know when you can retire, what your income will look like, how you’ll pay for healthcare, and more.


Paying for College

If part of your legacy is preparing future generations for success, do it strategically on any timeline.



Your legacy is about so much more than money. Talk it through with our team, and put it into action.

401(k) Plan Management

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Business owners: between running the show at work and at home, you’ve got to delegate what you can. We can save you time and mental bandwidth by leading you through choosing, implementing, and managing your company’s retirement plan.

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A Team Approach

We’re connected as an organization, providing focused guidance and resources to the families we serve.

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Browse a library of articles covering common questions.

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Market News

Watch a brief update on this month’s trends and events.

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Explore your budgets with dozens of calculators designed for specific goals.

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Put your assets to work for your life and legacy.

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