Josh Prusinski - Grantsburg

Josh Prusinski - Grantsburg

Founder, CFP®

Growing up in a hardworking, agricultural community, I learned the importance of honesty, integrity, and respect for others. Relationships are key, and as a financial advisor, I believe trust and partnership play a vital role in helping you reach your financial goals.

In order to better serve my clients, in 2017, I advanced my skills by passing a series of exams and earning the CFP® certification. I have been able to utilize these skills to help my clients more comprehensively work toward their goals and enjoy their best life. I completed my undergraduate degree at Indiana Wesleyan University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an Associate of Arts in Christian Ministries.

My Clients
My clients are a diverse group of people in retirement or near retirement, young professionals, and business owners. I feel extremely fortunate to partner with them and provide the guidance, support, and tools they need to have the means to thrive in their given endeavors.

Partnering Together
Each client relationship begins with a conversation to understand and define his or her financial goals and priorities. Following an established process, I develop financial strategies and regularly communicate to help ensure we are up to date and staying on track.